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Allied Automation, LLC., is a global electronic equipment, instrumentations and software that has been designed, manufactured, built and assembled in USA specifically for the oilfield use keeping the harsh working environment, ease of use, durability and safety for individuals and equipment in mind.

We have the education, knowledge, know-how and hands on experience that enabled us not just to provide the best most advanced technology for the oilfield but the most efficient, easy to use reliable and safe solutions as well which puts Allied Automation, LLC. on the top of the list among all other providers.

One of the most defining criteria for Allied Automation, LLC. is that we do not offer just standard solutions but we also provide our customers with custom tailored solutions for their specific needs which emphasizes Allied Automation, LLC.’s  policy of safety of the customer.

We have started with a team who is not just highly qualified in the electronics field but in the practical and specific expertise for the oilfiled service company as well and this is one of the main reasons the sets Allied Automation  on top in that field as we do not just need big engineering expressions and specs to provide our customers with solutions but we listen to all the different operation levels and completely understand their needs and provide the best most effective solutions that meets and exceeds the customer specs and needs.

Our understanding of the customer needs enables us to provide our customers with the best solutions and components to meet their needs and you will be able to see this clearly in the components we use as we manufacture even most of our sensors according to our  specific oilfield operation and we do not just use on shelf sensors that manufacturers provide for general use. This is one of the main reasons Allied Automation  have a reputation of being the best and most reliable provider out in today’s oilfield equipment market.